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Project Project - The community for people that need motivation to do STUFF

Project Project
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Welcome to Project Project.

What are we about?

Basically, we're about Doing Stuff. You know, those projects you've been meaning to do for AGES but never seem to get around to it?

So here, we're into dorky things like Goal-Setting and Motivation.

So post what you're going to create/build/make/paint/draw/compose and the time-frame you've set yourself. Then do it. And then share the results with us. Simple as that.

Your friendly moderator, _xehra, is a laid-back kinda girl, and not big on rules. So as long as you're not all posting midget porn, we're probably all going to get along fine.

So I bet now you're all asking, what should I take on for my next project? Well, how about icons? Fic? Wallpaper? A website or LJ layout? Poetry? Digital Art? Mood theme? The list goes on...

And don't just limit yourself to digital stuff. We've all got rooms that need cleaning, closets that need going through and half-finished sewing or knitting projects that need doing!